PTP or PMP topology for 3 SMs?

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Thank you. I have tried this again and I can associate more than one Force 300-13 SM with my Force 300-13 AP. I have one more question. Would I be better off using three Force 300-13 APs to connect three Force 300-13 SMs. I am wondering if my speed would be better not sharing the AP and using the ePTP Master and SM settings? Thank you

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It would be best if you started a new thread outlining your goals and asking for advice.

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Only if you have ample clear channel space. Putting up 3 non-GPS AP’s right on top of each other without much physical spacing, and using 3 channels with needed LARGE guard bands - that might be tricky depending on your spectrum. You may be better to have one AP, and use one larger channel.

Space them as far as possible!
Greater distance reduces interference between radios.

depending on what your goals are the simple answer is yes but also no.
Yes: three separate APs will give you better speeds as each SM will have one AP with both properly aligned to each other thus better SNR.
No: you will need 3x the RF space to do the same thing and this creates a self-interference issue. you can mitigate this by spacing the APs both vertically and horizontally from each other but that will require a lot of space that may not be available.

what you would be better off doing is actually looking at your requirements, determine if all three SMs are within the arc angle of the AP antenna and using a larger channel, need a 20mhz channel to get the speeds you need? use a 40mhz channel to service 3 SMs and still have capacity. If you have an SM that will sit outside the arc of the AP antenna then either look at a force300csm and a wider antenna or put up another AP.

You havent given enough details about your needs so our advice is going to be generic and less useful.

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