PTP Power source history

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to show power source history of PTP650/670 whether it was sourced by AC or DC and for how long it has been sourced?
Thank you.

AC and DC power is supplied through the AC+DC Enhanced Power Injector. The ODU sees the same DC power at the Main PSU port in either case, so it isn’t able to detect a change from AC to DC, or vice versa.

In the System Status page in the web-based interface the Elapsed Time Indicator attribute displays the time since the last restart. This restart could be a power cycle, but it could also have been caused by a configuration change or other commanded reason.

The Reboot page in the web-based interface shows the reason for the 10 most recent restarts. For a power cycle, look for the reason “Long Power Cycle”. If you don’t see the power cycle here, you can check the syslog records for “event; cold_start” with reason Long Power Cycle.

Does this help?