PTP second slave

I am runing a link of ptp230 at 5,7 Ghz to connect Mototrbo IPSC system.
Is it posible to add a second slave and add a new site to my system like the PMP does?

When units are purchased and running as a “Point to Point” PTP system then there can only support 2 units - one at each end of the link.
Our PMP solutions are more suitable if you would lime to have 1 “Access Point” and multiple remote locations (subscriber modules). This could start as small as 1x AP and 2x SM’s and grow as required.


Thank you Julian,
You are right about the solution. When the project starts threre was no thinking adding a another site to the same direction. The need came later as the Mototrbo IPSC system axpanses.
Now if I have to change it to 1x AP plus 2 X SM, I can’t use OFDM because of frequency and cost! Maybe finaly I will replace the backhaul PTP230 5,7Ghz with 5760APG 5,7 ghz Micropop ADV AP and two 5700SMG Subscriber modules ! Am I right?

Best Regards