PTP sync into cnMaestro

Last week on partner event they said, that they are planning on releasing it this august.

Correct me if I heard wrong.


We are working hard to support Cambium PTP products in cnMaestro. Using cnMaestro, users will be able to manage PTP 700s, PTP 670s and PTP 650s. It should be released in a couple of months.

Apologies for the delay. We had realign with priorities.

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What about PTP500?



The PTP 500 will not be supported in the near-term.  

There is an intent to develop an SNMP-based monitoring feature as part of cnMaestro but this is not committed in the near term.  This feature would be required to provide monitoring of PTP devices other than the 650/670/700.

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We are really not happy that the promises about release date on this kept getting broken.   The dates were explicitly given on this forum by Cambium and we made decisions on product purchases based on those assurances.  Now we have key portions of our network that are not visible on cnMaestro.  The lame excuse about a product priority issue does not cut it.  It just says that PMP670 customers are not really a priority to Cambium.

The third quarter and the August dates have now also passed.

Please can someone from Cambium give us an accurate forecast of this feature.  We make decisions on this information.  Please.

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I looked through both sets of release notes for the PTP 670 that have been released since this comment and I can't find the cnMaestro agent.  Is it named differently or is it still being developed?

When will the next version of cnMaestro be released?

@wdougmiller, we have incurred some delays in getting cnMaestro 2.0 out.... but it should be out soon. 

The next release, cnMaestro 2.1, includes PTP 700/670/650 support as a committed feature.


for clarification:  cnMaestro 2.0 is delayed but the features we want for ptp670 wont be available until version 2.1 which is even further out than 2.0 and we still dont have a release date on 2.0?

We have released cnMaestro On-Premises 2.1.0 with PTP support.

Please check the release notes 

The community announcement link is

The corresponding PTP firmware versions with cnMaestro support are:

  • PTP 650-01-47
  • PTP 670-01-47
  • PTP 670-02-67
  • PTP 700-02-67


I have 4 PTP 500 kit for when the master can administer it.