PTP SYNC with Asymmetric ratios


We've been looking into sync options for the 650/670 and, frankly, the biggest single impediment to us synchronizing the backhauls is the ratio of 50-50 and the inability to alter this. - This makes synchronization nearly useless because the backhauls are often at maximum capacity already and we're looking to add more - changing to a 50-50 ratio will result in significant performance loss. 

I perfectly understand the complexity that is created by an asymmetric ratio - i.e. the fact that a "second hop" would have to have a funny ratio... but let's look at a real world scenario and one that is far more common:

I have several fiber fed towers that act as masters - these are the towers that have tons of backhauls on them. So I want to maximize frequency reuse on these towers, and only these towers. The rest likely won't be synched. 

So in this scenario, a 70-30 or 80-20 would make the synchronization feature very useful.  It would allow for a quieter spectrum on the core backhaul, and if the second hop has any backhauls out, these would be distanced spectrally and not synchronized. 

So we'd very much like to see the ability to ratio the backhauls added as a feature when synchronization is turned on. Could we get this feature?

I never understood why the high end PTP products never took a page from the PXP450 line and allowed granular for a granular dl/ul ratio.