PTP with SM ePMP100 Force110

It might be very difficult to get 50mbps @ 40kM / 25 miles using the EPMP AP 110A-525 dishes. There would need to be very little noise on both sides of the link, and you'd need to be in a country that allows for full 30dBm power output. If there is noise and/or if you aren't allowed to run higher TX power, then you may want to consider using a larger/3rd party dish.

All ePMP radios can act as either and AP or SM. If you need sync, you only need to purchase a GPS sync AP or one of the lower-cost GPS-PtP products and the GPS radio only needs to be on one side of the link (the SM doesn't have to support GPS). There are also only a few scenarios in which you'd need GPS sync.

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