PTP250 - Important feature request

We are using PTP250 in our network and we have some suggestions.

1- It would be very helpful if it supports SNMP polling. There is many values that we would like to read from our network monitoring station.

2- We would like to minimize channel width and data rate. The spectrum is almost full and we need minimum channel width. To setup a channel less than 20 Mhz width would be helpful since we don’t need 130 MBps all the time.

3- A built-in spectrum analyzer is a very important tool for troubleshooting.

Hey CoalPower -
We will have software release 02-00 at the end of December. In that release SNMP v2C will be supported and an offline spectrum analyzer will be available. The spectrum analyzer will differ from our PTP300, 500, & 600 which are all real time spectrum analyzers. With the PTP250 you have to take down the link to see what the entire spectrum looks like. While the link is running you can see what the noise floor is for the channel you are using.

I will forward your request for an option to choose smaller channels sizes to our product team.

Thanks for the input!


Thank you very much!
Your reply is very appreciated.