PTP300 err_connection_refused

We had a security product scan our network and attempt to telnet and login to devices. This seems to have caused most of our PTP300 radios to no longer accept connections. They are bridging traffic ok and respond to ping. I was looking for a way to cause these units to reboot remotely otherwise some poor operator will have to drive into some remote locations to power cycle them. They don’t have SNMP enabled. I was able to reboot one through a UPS outlet reboot and it fixed it (but the stupid switch died). Since SNMP is not enabled I doubt snmpset will work. Just wondering if any gurus out there know a way?

Are your using cnMaestro? You can manage/reboot your radios with cnMaestro.

We are not using cnMaestro. Would it support PTP300 series? Also, would it still require that SNMP is enabled on the radio?

Are you talking about the PTP 300 series OR the ePMP Force 300 radios?

If it’s the old PTP 300 series, those are not supported by cnMaestro and I think they’ve been retired.

If it’s the newer ePMP Force 300 series, then yes, they’re supported by cnMaestro.

cnMaestro does not use SNMP, so no, it does not have to be enabled.

Oh - sorry, my bad, probably. The new forum layout is kinda… new. I thought you were asking about Force 300 - my bad (ignore my advice… as you were… nothing to see here)