PTP450 Sync issue.

I'm experiencing an issue with a new PTP450 not receiving sync from one of our CMM4 clusters. I've tested the port , I've changed the cable and even updated the firmware to version 13.3 but no joy.

any ideas?

thanks in advance,


I've just tried another PTP450 unit on a CMM3 and it's also not picking up sync through the power port.  Does a PTP450 even support sync through the power port ?

Ok , I did some more testing and decided to try and tap sync from one of my PMP450 Access points by enabling "Sync Output to RJ-11 Port" on the AP and then connecting the PTP450 sync port with the APs sync port but I'm not really sure whether this is working 100% correct. 

The Slave actually connects to the  master but the sync pulse status seems to be stuck on No Sync / Searching but when I go to the sync status tab it says Receiving Sync under the Sync Pulse status - Timing Port/UGPS. Is this a bug / unsupported method or am I doing something wrong?

timing Slave Status :
Sync Pulse Status :
No Sync
Sync Pulse Source :
Sync Pulse Source :
Sync Pulse Status :
No Sync
Sync Pulse Status - Timing Port/UGPS :
Receiving Sync
Sync Pulse Status - Power Port :
Not supported

Sorry to see you've had this difficulty.

The PTP 450 does not support SYNC via the CMM4 or CMMmicro timing ports.  The supported methods for providing sync are the uGPS or the timing port on the CMM4 (not the pulse on the PoE cable but the separate timing port.

The requirements and cabling needed are covered in the PTP 450 user guide.



I just encountered this issue today with our very first PTP450 link (of 4 planned).  Pretty disappointing to have the latest and greatest radios have this limitation.  Is this a software limitation of not accepting the sync pulse via the power port like EVERY OTHER radio of this form factor and may be fixed soon in a software release?  I feel like we might be shipping these radios back if this is a hardware limitation that can't be solved.


So, where can the elusive PTP450 user guide that actually says this info be found at?  I have partner portal access and still can't find it.  The "sales Guide" from July 7, 2014, doesn't even reference timing or the uGPS as an accessory.  The spec sheet says they support the CMM3 and 4 but never mention that it isn't via the power port.

And the uGPS user guide is from 2012 and not much help for the PTP450.  Any updates on that?  Seems silly to be going backwards in technology.  Maybe we should have left our old CMM1's on the towers?

The Configuration and User Guide is under the archive, so I'm guessing there isn't an updated one for the more recent software versions.  Here's a link to the archive: