PTP450i One chain stuck at 1x

I am trying to understand what it means when one chain is 8x Mimo-B but the other is stuck at 1x. Spectrum Analysis show nothing. 

Looks like a GUI bug to me... what results do you get back when you run a link eval?

Link Eval = Link Capacity? 

Yes, run a Link Capacity Test... at the bottom it will show you what the link is currently transmitting at. The reason I think it's a GUI bug is that it's impossible for one chain to be mimo-B, while the other is mimo-A. Both chains have to be working properly for mimo-B to occur.

That's not chains, that's VCs. The second VC should be the HP channel. Move some high-priority tagged frames over the link and I bet it comes up to 8X/8X. Same with PMP.

And I just noticed this is a month old.

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