PTP450i redundant

I have link connection AP1 to AP2 and i will install AP3 to AP4 for redundant. I use switch cisco manageable.

Is this the good solution for reduce downtime or there is the interference case because this methode ?

Thank you so much for your solution.

I implemented a PMP450i network with redundancy for CCTV, if you give me a time I can share the diagram of the solution. In my case, the redundancy was not only considered to put more access points and configure them well to avoid interference but also, energy, switches, etc


Thank's for your suggestion.

Can you show me the diagram of solution ?

So a couple of things to keep in mind. You stated PTP450i but made mention of AP? If this is the PTP450i it's a little different vs the PMP450i especially in regards to the ATPC. First use Link Planner and adjust the Tx Power so that you can hit the modulation that you need but not to overdrive the reciever on the other end. The PTP450i doesn't have ATPC so it's a hard value that is set on the BHM/BHS. With co-located antennas assuming integrated you could hear the unintended radios. Do you want to run in the same freq or have freq diverstiy?