PTP500 and Grounding lugs

I need to receive some feedback about a PTP 500 installation.

We have a customer with a PTP 500 link installed and working perfectly. One end is installed in a tower about 60 meters high. The other end has its Ethernet connected to a CMM4 in an EtherWAN switch Port.

The Ethernet installation has the recommended outdoor cable and the ODU has its ground. At the other end of the Ethernet cable there is a grounded LPU and then the PIDU. The PIDU LAN port is connected to the Etherwan switch port (CMM4). The CMM4 is installed indoor as the PIDU.

Recently, the CMM4 received an unknown electrical strike and suffered some damaged. Basically the Etherwan switch does not turn on and it looks to have some damages in the GPS port (the CMM4 is also grounded as recommended).

The PTP Ethernet cable does not have grounding lugs installed every 10 meters as shown in a section of the manual and the customer says that the CMM4 got that damage because the grounding lugs were not installed.

My questions are:
1.) How much mandatory is the grounding lug installation?
2.) Is it logical to think that the CMM4 got those damages because there is not grounding lugs installed in the Ethernet cable when the ODU, LPU and PIDU are still working perfectly?

The tower where this PTP was installed only has a ground bar at its base so, in order to install grounding lugs is needed to run grounding cables from each grounding lugs to the ground bar at the tower base.

I will appreciate your feedback about this installation.

Hi Yovar,

If you are using the braided Cat5e cable then, probably putting these lugs would not be on issue even if the ground bar or ground bus bar is located at the foot of the tower. You can use a larger diameter size grounding cable to terminate these lugs down to your ground bar.

We have similar installations - however, instead of using the braided cat5e cable, we use outdoor rated Cat5e cables with “take note” w/ “STATIC DRAIN” wire included within the cat5e cable itself. Then use RJ45 connectors with grounding, this is where will gonna terminate any surge for both your ODU, PIDU including your LPU.