PTP550, cnPulse for GPS sync, fiber for data

We are going to mount a couple PTP550's to a FM broadcast tower. Planning to use freq reuse with cnPulse as sync timing source. Want to use fiber for data to eliminate any RF causing ethernet sync rate issues. 

Will the PTP 550 allow us to use ethernet port for cnPulse GPS sync and fiber port for data?

Yes... in fact that's the only way to get sync into it. Take a look at this post for some additional details.

Thanks Eric....I understand that is the only way to get sync to it. It is also the only way to get power to it. I just wanted to make sure that Cambium was not throwing us a curve ball. Basically something along the lines of, well you can do sync and data over ethernet,...but you can not do sync over ethernet and data over fiber. If you want to do that you need the PTPxxx.