PTP550 Downlink/Uplink Ratio Question

I am a novice with this equipment and need some clarification on the direction of data flow when comparing downlink and uplink settings. My master PTP550 transmits internet from the source modem at my farm to my slave PTP550 at my home. When setting the downlink/uplink ratio in the schedule which ratio should it be set. My choices are 75/25, 50/50, or 30/70? I want to provide the most bandwidth as possible from the master PTP550 going in the direction of my house/slave location. When setting that ratio on the master PTP550 please explain which direction data flows when using the terms downlink and uplink in my master/slave setup.

The ratio is Master -> Slave, so 75/25 would make the split 75% download at your slave location and 25% upload. This is what you want, based on your post.

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Thank you for the help.