PTP550 Field Test 12 km 2x80MHz

PTP 550  link 12 km, LOS, antenna 30 dBi. Tx 23 dBm,  Link Type 2+0  2x80 MHz, TDD DL/UL=75/25




CA at Slave side

CA at Master side 

Link Test

UDP Duplex test by Bandwidth Test Mikrotik

TCP Download simplex test by Iperf

TCP Upload simplex  test by Iperf

TCP Duplex test by Iperf (DL)  and BT Mikrotik (UL)

Link Test simplex DL 820 Mbps +UL 260 Mbps=1080 MBps

UDP duplex, DL 835  Mbps+ UL 210 Mbps=1045 Mbps (DL+UL), RTT avg 11 ms

TCP DL simplex  835 Mbps, RTT  avg 8 ms

TCP  UL  simplex,  230 Mbps, RTT avg 3 ms

TCP  duplex, DL 810 Mbps+ UL 160 Mbps=970 Mbps (DL+UL), RTT avg 6 ms.

Tests were done  by Unidata and WISP ArgoCom, Ukraine.



1. We see amazing throughput test  results about 1 Gbps in 2x80 MHz Channel bandwidth, that we have never seen before in 5GHz.

2.  Link Test, UDP  and TCP tests  results are almost the same.  TCP tests,  that take into account TCP packets losses,   gives the simular results as UDP tests,  that do  not depend on channel  packet's errors and losses. It means, that  Cambium PTP550   link   due to it's efficient Link Adaptation  has  low channel  BER (Bit Error Rate)/ PER ( Packet Error Rate).

Very often  ( in most cases)   BWA equipment   Internal  Link Speed  Test,  channel Capacity,  external   UDP tests    due to   huge packet's losses  in radio channel  do  not  indicate   real channel TCP/IP throughput.  Only TCP  tests of  devices  with high level channel BER/PER are able to give proper  estimation of real  link  TCP/IP throughput.

 Cambium PTP550 channel has   low  BER/PER   ( I  think BER may be 1.0E-5 - the simular  as   link at PTP450i )  and   it's  Internal  Link test may be used  to   estimate channel real TCP/IP throughput. 


Competitors' 802.11AC  and  other  products  with support of high ( 1024QAM, 2048 QAM) modulation usually have  TCP throughput test results much  less ( very often in   2-3 times in case  of 802.11 AC ), then   their  UDP tests results.  Very often  they   may show Capacity ( and also high data rate/modulation)  as indicator of high   link throughput.  But due to it's  high channel BER/PER  at  high  256QAM/1024QAM  modulation very often  it is  not real  TCP/IP throughput  of given link. It is max link speed, that theoretically  is  able  to be achevied in ideal   conditions, that do not exist in real life.   


Thank you for this post. Do have a PTP 550 deployed in your network?

Yes,our end users WISPs  have it a lot. Most of them are satisfied by PTP550 since  v. 4.3.1 firmware and resolving SFP port issue in 4.3.2

Thanks - 

Hi Vyacheslav,

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congratulñations, just keep in mind that your spectrum is really free, I wish I can see PTP 550 in a noisy enviroment


What happens if you run the TCP throughput test over the Mikrotik?

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Bandwidth test Mikrotik  ( any model) is not able to generate more then 330-350 Mbps TCP traffic. So for testing  40+20, 40+40... up to 80+80 MHz  channels by TCP packets  another test traffic  generators  should be used , for example Iperf, IxChariot.  Also 4  Mikrotik routers (2 MT  at each side of wireless link) may be used.