PTP550 - General error occured


Has anyone seen these errors occur on a PTP550?

Link drops, cannot access web gui, states General error occured. Log in ssh and try reboot and states localhost timeout?

Happening VERY regularily now ....

What firmware are you running?

Currently using 4.3.1.

Contacted Cambium support that recommended leaving on this and not upgrading to the Beta.

We have had it happend on both the Master and the Slave more than a few times in the last week.

Only recovery was by removing the power. Can login via SSH but will not reboot by command.


We are currently investigating the issue.
We will keep you updated.

Thank you.

Hi, we downgraded to and the general error issues have stopped. We were getting them quite regularily (at least every 2 days.) Since downgrading we have not had one for nearly a week now.

Seems to be an issue with 4.3.1 causing the general error somewhere.

Hi Arobo-

Did you also suffer from link going down and having to powercycle slave? 


Happened at either end randomily. Needed to power cycle the radio to gain access again and establish link. Confirmed it is an issue with 4.3.1 memory problem. To be rectified in next release. Will see General error occured when trying to login by web gui and cannot reboot by ssh connection. If you have this recommend going back to until issue is resolved or update from cambium regards next release.

Lo mismo me sucede a mi ya encontraron cual es el problema ?

ya tienen solucion?

I believe the issue is completely fixed in the latest 4.4.1 FW.

Thank you.