PTP550 OSPF - Multicast


We have a customer that has problems with OSPF and multicast traffic.

OSPF over Channel bonding won't work, but if we use only one radio, it works. While OSPF works with one radio, all other multicast traffic (IPTV) won't work in the same tame unicast works without a problem.

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Are you running 4.1.2 FW version on your radios?

Thank you.

Yes. Also tried one that is currently beta, same results.

Could you please contact me at Fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com and provide more details on your network topology and configuration?

Thank you.

Hi Fedor.

I sent you files about network, logs and tech files to your email.


Thank you, Anze.

I will rever to you shortly.

Thnak you.

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Hi Fedor,
could you help me, I have a problem same with AnzeZ PTP 550 Multicast for IPTV buffering.
Thank You