PTP550 vs Mimosa B5C (Field test)

Recently Cambium Networks customer did a test on the field comparing PTP550 and Mimosa B5C in Turkey. 

Unfortunately links were not in the same direction but oposite directions from same tower, same distance, same antennas from same vendor however results from test were interesting. 
We will have customers do more live tests in challenging environments and share the data.


Spectrum situation


  • 2 x 80 MHz channel size 
  • We didn't have time to do more playing with different channel sizes as we were spending most of the time on ePMP test



test is in different tower, pls consider to change PTP550 with B5C in the same location and let our know.

Thank you


from the above I see only incorrect results.
1. You wrote that you are testing at a 2x80 MHz channel, but it can be seen that Mimosa is at 1x20 mhz.
2. I can not see the spectrum of PTP550

Currently, these results can only be accepted as a marketing trick

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Different tower, different noise, probably differents frequencies. Let's be serius


completely agree with you. Spectrum analysis is copy/pasted from ePMP thread because it was done from the same tower. Picture is just to demonstrate noise, not the channel size. 

I am personally observing tests in next few weeks with different customers in different areas and will bring pictures from the field, setup etc which will be more realistic, however tests done so far show better performance of PTP550 in noisy environment.

It's something that is easy repeatable by anyone. 

I get back soon with quality data

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Hola amigos, se que estan hablando de la ptp 550. les escribo por que tenemos un enlace con la ptp 670C (segun la mejor de cambium. con un enlace de 33 km sobre el agua. y el ruido es una locura. y lo mejor q logramos en 45 mhz es un enlace que varia entre 150 mb y 200 mb en descarga y un 25% en subida. 

manana vamos hacer nuestra primera prueba con una B5c en el mismo enlace, y vamos a comparar si conseguimos mejores resultados o no. 

Despues les cuento. como salio todo!

Hola amigo y como salio todo? que antenas estas usando?

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I believe they were 29 dBi dishes

Prueba con unos EPMP Force 200 te dará mejor performance de lo que te dio en ese momento.

Peegunta aparte: ¿Cuantos Megas quieres pasar ?

que sucedio cuales fueron los resultados?

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