PTP58400 Question

I have some old PTP58400 discontinued radios that have been working very well for years with no problems. Recently the link went totally offline and wouldn’t come back on. I had to replace the radio with a spare that was recently repaired. Now I am seeing wierd things with the spare as well, and am wondering if it is possible that something in the area is able to create enough interference to render the radio useless. In looking at the Spectrum management page, it is showing different results. When I first arrived onsite to troubleshoot, side A was showing everything correctly with most lines at -90 to -80 with a few around -70 where it was seeing another co-located radio. At Site B, all the lines were about -95, which was not correct, and it was linked to site B 0.9km away at 24 transmit power, -34.5 receive power, -7.8 vector error, 107.5 link loss, and a recieve and transmit of 1.8Mbps. The link was being dropped and coming back online every couple minutes. After about 10 minutes of watching it the spectrum page went to -40 on 11 bars, and was -70 on the other 8. I have no idea what caused it, as I don’t think it was correct. I pulled the power on the radio, and waited a couple minutes, and plugged it back in. The radio came back online, connected to the other radio, and was operating normally at 6 transmit power, -59 receive , -28.9 vector error, 111.7 link loss, and 21.23 Mbps on send/receive. Any thoughts on what might cause this, or if I just have 2 bad radios?



If you would like to contact the Cambium Technical Support team we will be able to have a look at your diagnostic files and help you troubleshoot your link.

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