PTP600 5.4 GHz versus 5.8 GHz, FCC, etc!

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I have touched upon this topic in the past, on this forum, but today’s topic is slightly different so I thought I might start a new thread for it.

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In my possession I have a 5.4 GHz PTP600 radio link. Both radios incorporate the 23 dBi integrated antennas. Yesterday, we performed a NLOS test using these radios. The distance of the hop was approximately .22 miles. Link Planner estimated the RSL to be -80 dBm +/- 15 dBm. My average RSL was around -83 dBm, but the link was intermittently up and down. Bottom link, with the 5.4 GHz radios at the power levels they present, I would not trust the link.

So, my next train of thought brings me to the FCC regulations in 5.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

My understanding is that the FCC’s EIRP in the 5.4 GHz band is 30 dBm. So, my radios that I used for my testing yesterday (7 dBm out of the transmitter, plus 23 dBi from the antenna yields 30 dBm) were operating at FCC maximum EIRP for the 5.4 GHz band.

If I were to purcahse a link of 5.8 GHz PTP600 radios with integrated antennas, would I be able to enter “25” for the “Maximum Transmit Power” field in the radio’s configuration file, and be effectivley operating at 48 dBm EIRP (25 dBm + 23 dBi from the antenna)? If so, if I pretend I had used 5.8 GHz radios to perform yesterday’s test, I would have technically increased by RSL by 18 dBm, because I would have had 18 dBm more of transmitter power. Does this sound right?

Also, I understand that I can go on Moto’s web site and obtain different regulatory licenses for the PTP radios. If I go on there, will I be able to get my hands on a “FCC Full Power” license key for my 5.4 GHz radios? If so, would it allow me to set a value of 25 for my “Maximum Transmit Power” as opposed to “7” that it does now under the standard FCC license key? I realize that I would be violating the FCC EIRP here, I am just trying to wrap my head around how the license keys operate.

What I would like to try to do, if my understanding is correct, if I get an FCC Full Power License Key for the 5.4 GHz units and install the license keys, I would expect to see 18 dBm more of RSL based on the 18 dBm increase in transmit power, which would be simulating the performance of a 5.8 GHz integrated unit. If this is the case, I would presume that using a 5.8 GHz link operating at 48 dBm EIRP would solve my NLOS issue.

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Yes you can get a full power license key and yes it will allow you to enter 25 for the maximum transmit power.

Ok, thanks.

Am I correct when I assume that if I were to order a 5.8 GHz PTP600 with integrated antennas that my Max Transmit Power would be able to be set to 25 dBm, and that the radio would be operating at 48 dBm EIRP?



yes that would be correct with the 5.8. You do not need to change the license in order to achieve 25db max tx power. Only with 5.4 do you need to.

If taking a 5.4 GHz integrated antenna unit above 7 dBm out of the transmitter makes the link illegal from an FCC standpoint, then why is there License Option to do this?

Country regulations. In other countries its legal 27dbm on the radio+23 dbi on the antenna for 5.4Ghz.
Yo will have to consider the noise floor on 5.8 also.

Thanks for the reply.

I do have a pair of 5.8 GHz connectoried PTP400s. Actually, these units are old enough that they are OsSpectras from when Orthogon still owned the company.

The problem is that I do not have power supplies for them. Anyone know where I could purchase only the power supplies?

The power supply is the same for ptp400/600
ask your local motrola dealer.
you can install the latest motorola software version to those radios…

I thought I remembered reading somewhere that M cautioned people not to try to interchange power supplies between 400 and 600 units? I’ll have to check the PDF.

“Care should be taken not to connect equipment other than an ODU for the PTP 600
Series Bridge to a PIDU Plus ODU port, as equipment damage may occur. The PTP
600 Series Bridge PIDU Plus is not interchangeable with the PTP 400 Series PIDU

My mistake…
We have one end of 5830BH hit by ligthning and looking for a replacement to buy…


The old PTP 30/60 units that use the PTP400 PIDU are not compatable with the current orderable PDIU from Mot. I just went through a two month fiasco with the batwing on this when we had a customer try to replace his PDIU. The unit that was damaged had to actually be shipped to the UK for repairs at the depot.

Did the unit become damaged because a current, shipping PIDU was used in attempt to power an old PTP400 AKA OS Spectra unit?