PTP600 and PMP200 and CMM

I need some help with the following:
I have a tower with 2 AP ( both in 2.4 GHz) and 2 PTP600 (both 5.7GHz)
Should i use CMM?? I cant find information about it and id really appreciate your comments

Thanks in advance

Yes you should be using a CMM… or some kind of timing. This will only be for the AP’s… but this will allow you to run on AP on 2415 and the other on 2435. Or you can run 2435 and 2457.5. Without timing, you have to have much more spacing not to interfere with yourself…ie your AP’s should be set to 2415 and 2457.5. Therefore, you only have 2 channels available without timing. If you add timing, you will be able to use 3 channels… with the possibility of running 2 AP’s on the same freq when they are back to back. Timing could allow you to install up to 6AP’s on 2.4GHz on a single tower.

What separates Motorola Canopy from the rest IS the timing :slight_smile:

moto makes a timing kit for the PTP 600s, i’d also invest in that so you don’t get your PTPs running poorly due to self noise, or make them sit on the highest and lowest channel in 30 MHZ, or in 15 or 10 bar 1 PTP from using th top of the spec and the other from using the bottom… timing is best if you can