PTP600 Duplex error

Hi We have started to have ramdom loss of comms to our PTP radios when we can finally reach the radio again there is an error on the main screen stating Duplex error/ Mismtach ( i dont have the actual msg atm) But the csico switch has no such spped/Duplex error it only exists on the radio.

We use the PTP as an alternate path for Blance machines with the primary path Fiber link from a cisco router to a another ciso router running REP. On our NMS we recieve alerts that the REP has failed and upon expection both PTP radios are offline, they will come back after a few minutes then drop off again it seem completely random when it happens but we have  now had 2 locations that it is  continuing to happen.

I have tried to set the speed at 100mb full duplex on both the radio and cisco switch but the issues will still appear, was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue or can offer some advice. Cheers

Software Version 58600 10 03

Hardware version D05 R02 I FPS


Can you provide screenshots for the HOME page and STATUS page  ..

Thanks for the reply, attached is the  status page ill try graba screen shot of the duplex error when it next appears

As per the attached screenshots, there is no issues.

If the problem is only about the duplexing - (Half / Full  duplex) - check your ethernet cables as you may have a connectivity issue in one of the Tx/Rx pairs.

yes atm there is no issues as i stated above there issue is intermittnat. We have replaced the cables on both ends and to me if there was a duplex issue it would also be picked up on the Cisco Logs. 

Hi Luke,

Can you tell us how you have the Ethernet ports configured on the PTP 600s? Have you forced the configuration manually, or restricted the autonegotiation advertisement?

Also, how do you ensure that the PTP link can be reached when REP is routing traffic over the fiber link? Does REP allow you to reach the PTP management agent even when the PTP link is not carrying traffic?

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark

The Ethrtnet ports are all configured to Autonegotiation on all of our PTP we have around 20 onsite. I have set the the them to manual and specified 100mb full duplex ont he radio and on the cisco switch.

Yep we can reach the  radio managment when the alt port is blocking the link on the radio side. it just does not pass VLan infomation over the link. We have the same setup on site where we run STP. We also have a setup where we have 2 radio set supplying a primary and alternate path with STP. But no issues on this particualr setup.

I have setup our NMS to capture logs from the radio to try and get you guys some more info on the error as it is so random i have not been able to capture the actual msg.