PTP600 - Line PoE extender for CAT6 cable over 100m

Hi All,

Is it possible to operate PTP600 link using CAT6 cabling over 100m with an inline Gigabit PoE+ Extender?


PIDU - CAT6 75m - Gigabit PoE Extender - CAT6 75m - PTP600

I believe technically it is possible if the PoE+ extender device is 802.3at / bt compliant to provide approx 48-56v / 50W ouput, with PoE power applied to pins 1,2 and 3,6 pairs (Alternative "A")

Can anyone confirm using and inline PoE extender for longer than 100m CAT6 cable run?


This is not something we could recommend. The powering scheme in PTP 600 doesn't comply with IEEE 802.3.


Do you mean PTP 600 or PTP670?

As PTP 600 is a very old radio, which has been End of LIfe for 5 years.