PTP600 LPU's?

We are in the process of deploying the Moto PTP600 links (slowly) and wanted some feedback on the Lightning Protection Units (LPU)/Surge protector.
We very rarely have lightning here and I’m one to believe adding another piece of gear in a link is just one more place for failure. That being said I don’t want to begin installing these and suddenly realize we should have added the LPU’s from the beginning.


I would suggest using the LPU to be on the safe side. Considering the cost of these links. We just deployed quite a bit of these and i must say at one site we ran into the radios would be stuck in recovery mode. Only solution was to remove the LPU. Solution was to replace the LPU’s with different ones.

Also be certain to use the right type of cable. The new LPU’s are far different from the old Orthogon radio days. While far more simple (plug/play) you will need to use armored cable that has the copper under jacket so that the LPU connector touches part of that copper. I really dont link working with this cable because its so stiff.

you dont have to use armored, you can use regular shielded cable, you just exose the shiels and fold it back over the sheath. I cant imagine what happens to ROI when you have to add in 300 foot of armored cable

The armored cable is not that much more expensive. They specify Superior Essex BBDGE which when ordered from a supplier that you have good terms with, results in a per-foot cost of less than .50 cents. Not too shabby.

If you have to resell the cable, mark it up to a buck a foot and you’ve got some nice margin.