PTP600 not forming a link with other end radio

Product: PTP600

Software Version: 10-08

Issue Reported: A full PTP600 cannot form a link with a lite PTP600.  The link is flapping between Searching, Acquiring and Registering.


  1. These radios are in the lab
  2. These radios are connected using LMR cables on both Vertical and Horizontal polarization
  3. Distance between them are less than 20 feet.
  4. Radio Configuration was same on both the radios using target mac address (or link name)
  5. TX power is 5dBm (can vary according to an attenuator used) and Rx power was fluctuating between -10dBm to -46dBm
  6. Spectrum is clean with no interference. However, the link was not forming.
  7. The license capacity one side was “Lite” and “Full” on the other end.

PTP650 License page

Other end PTP650 License page


  1. Found to be an issue with devices having license mismatch. We should make sure they have either Lite version or Full on both sides.
  2. We have two solutions:
    1. Reset the full capacity radio to factory default to make it to go back to lite capacity
    2. OR
    3. Upgrade the lite radio to full capacity.