PTP600 - Radio boots up only in recovery mode

We have an older PTP600 link that is down, one of the PTP600 radios was operating "Link up and running" just odd errors occasionally.

 Rebooted the Radio, it came up in recovery mode, now will not boot up normally. Tried leaving power off for length of time, tried forcing newest version of software to radio and reset back to default, all unsuccessfull.

When radio is powering up we get double flashes of the Ethernet LED, not the normal 10 or so single flashes.

Trying to think of any that can be done without a tower climber, Radio is 220ft up tower.

Any Ideas??

Thank you

Hi fussell,

Unfortunately the double LED blinking sequence is indicative of a fault. I have encountered that before and it was typically a cabling problem - bad pinout, poor crimping, etc. 

You can download the PTP600 user guide for more infromation on diagnosign the problem here: 

Or you can raise a ticket with tech support.


Thank you