PTP600 Range Restricted

I have a PTP600 Radio with 10-08 firmware.

I cannot change the target range  from 0-200 to 0-40. Everything is greyed out. With/without TDD sync (I know having SYNC on will determine the range)

While the radio is searching it is only looking between 50 and 70 km regardless of target range being up to 200, all the while  the path is only 6.135km

We have triple checked the settings and have -56 to -60 signal but will only try to 'Acquire ', never reaching the 'Registering' state.

Hi Deltavox

Is the software on both radio same 10-08 or is it on just one.

Please share with me the screenshot of Status and installation pages on the radio.

is it a new installation or existing one and you are reinstalling the link after updating the software.

Hi Deltavox,

Do you have any update on this problem?

Thanks, Mark