PTP600 stuck in recovery mode

I have a PTP600 that I have had to recover. I initially ‘Reset IP & Ethernet’ option but it did not appear to work. After a reboot it still goes in to the ‘Recovery’ mode.

I tried to upgrade to the latest software image 10-08 after installing the recovery upgrade 10-02 but it has an error ‘the selected image is too large’.

I’m not sure what software image it was running but I dare say it a a couple years at least.

What else can I do to get it out of recovery mode or do I need an older version of the software?



While in recovery mode, you set and save your new settings, did you also disable recovery mode?

There’s no option I can see to disable recovery mode. It is a very old software version it was running if that makes any difference.


That is a very old version!

First I suggest downloading the revisions archives and step through the updates to get to current. There is a very good chance that this will fix your issue

Is there another download site for the ‘revisions archives’ the oldest version I can find here is 10-05 but I can’t download it as the warranty / service has expired when I enter the MAC address of the unit.

No, you found it.

You need a valid continuing care number to download this.

Once you have a ccn (contact your distributor to get one) start by downloading the oldest firmware that is above whats in your radio and apply it.

Awesome thanks for your help.