PTP650 4.9GHz for municipality

  I am working on a project for a local municipality, they already have PTP650's in place.   Do I need a license key for the PTP650's  to operate on 4.9GHz?

Hi Clay,

You do not need any license key for the radio to work in PTP 650 in 4.9 GHz, are you currently not seeing the 4.9 GHz band being displayed ?



Hi Clay,

you'll need to visit the support portal and request a license key for those PTP 650's.  4.9 GHz isn't enabled by default.

When you enter the MAC addresses of the radios in the support portal, you will see a series of checkboxes.  Enable 4.9 GHz and you will get a new key to apply that turns it on.

There is no charge for activating 4.9 GHz.




Make sure to update the customer's FCC 601 for any new PTP paths in 4.9 GHz.

Loving the quick respone time from everyone.   We have already started the FCC part, thanks for the reminder.   It was the license question that was really holding me back.   Thanks to everyone that answered!

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