PTP650 Pathloss Files?

Are the PTP650 Pathloss radio file available for download?

Hi Jose,

We do not make pathloss files avaialble for our unlicensed PTP products for the following reasons.  Instead we recommend the use of LINKPlanner which is available from our website for a no-charge download.

  • PathLoss only supports a maximum of 8 modulation modes, we can have at least 13 modulation modes if dual payload is enabled in some configurations.
  • PathLoss assumes a fixed date rate for a modulation, however in unlicensed band our date rates are link length dependent, so we would only be able to give the modulation mode not an actual data rate.
  • If max power for lowest modulation mode overpowers the receiver, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to set a maximum power which overrides the transmit power levels per modulation mode set in the radio configuration file. Fade margins for modulation modes which exceed the maximum receive level are therefore larger than they should be.
  • We switch over to NLOS availability at low fade margins and this gives some availability and time in mode for modes which have a small negative fade margin. PathLoss does not provide any analysis for negative fade margins and always uses the same model, therefore higher mod modes are likely to result in different availabilities when compared between PathLoss and LINKPlanner, meaning that PathLoss can actually give some quite high availabilities (especially for fade margins of <1 dB) which we don’t give in LINKPlanner.
  • In order to be able to see the time in mode and results per modulation you need to select “Data throughput probability (adaptive modulation only)” in the “Adaptive modulation radio calculation methods” section of Application – radio type options. Once this is selected options for setting an overall maximum power disappear and there are no overall summary results for lowest mode etc.



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