PTP650 Region Codes

I am wanting to replace existing PTP600-5.4GHz links on our network with the PTP650-5.4GHz to increase capacity, however the current ones are operating at Full power on region code 8. Could the Cambium team tell me if it is possible to change the region code on the PTP650 to full power?


Hi Jay

When you request your license key for PTP650 from our website you will need to confirm the country where you will be operating the unit. The license key that is issued will then ensure that the unit operates according to the local regulations for that country.

The license key page can be found here


Thank you Julian

HI Jay

you will have to fill out the cambium RC8 forms if you are operating out of regs .

take 2 pictures of the back of the units with clear MAC addresses , Put black tape over the ETSI regs and send them to cambium support .

It will take 2 or 3 days and voila RC8 codes