PTP650's (and now 670's) FTW!

I don't know how many of you have tried using the PTP 650's (now PTP 670's) in an urban, high-interference environment, but we LOVE them. We have a growing number of 1 to 3 mi shots using the integrated antennas in dual-slant mode that are near LOS in urban areas and these radios are KILLING it! I'm really skeptical of 5 GHz backhaul radios and have tried many, but these radios I use when NOTHING else will work. Check out the noise floor on this 1.5 mile nLOS link in the heart of a city with 80k people. The picture isn't the best, but I was trying to get a view of the really obscured Fresnel zone of this link, around half of the beam is shooting through the tops of a ton of ponderosa pine trees and juniper trees. We're averaging around 130 Mbps net throughput using a 20 MHz channel. We just installed yet another link today, using PTP 670's with integrated antenna in dual-slant mode, at a pretty noisy site (noise floor on one side is -70), this time a 3.5 mile link, and we're getting around 150 Mbps net on a 20 MHz channel width. I could not be happier



Great to hear you love the PTP650/670, we designed them with lots of TLC!

The dual slant is indeed the recommended mounting configuration as this minimizes the antenna side lobes in the "horizon" plan... I would be interested in hearing your view on the benefit for you: have you seen significant difference in your deployement using this antenna orientation?


Am trying to configure a 670 integrated ptp radio but having issues logging into the radio.
After changing the default IP address to my intended IP address, I could not log into the radio again.
All I heard after clicking the apply button was an alarm.
Any idea?
How do I reset the unit since I have already installed it on a 45 metres tower?