PTP670 ATEX/HAZLOC connectorized: Is coax safe to used?

For an application in the Oil&Gas sector I need to use the PTP670 ATEX/HAZLOC radio, connectorized version.

I have the following question, is there any restriction/limitation regarding the type of RF cable to use to connect the radio and antenna?

With other vendors it is not possible to use coaxial cable in ATEX radios since it does not comply with those regulations.

Hi Jorge,

Good question.
The RF cable itself does not need to be ATEX/HAZLOC/IECEx tested to be able to use it in the hazardous environment.
PTP 670, the active accessories like Lightning Protection Unit, Power Supply etc, and components on the ports, like glands and gaskets, are certified to the hazardous standard IEC 60079-0 and 60079-11 as normal.

For the RF cable, IEC 60079-14 has the requirements, but this is the hazardous installation guideline standard for it. It is not a product standard, so no specific certification to have on the cable itself.

Cambium offers two P/Ns of coaxial RF cable to use with PTP 670, as per page 104 of installation guide on our Support page here:

There is also an extra installation guide for hazardous location on the Support page too to use.

Hope this helps.