PTP670 : Expectation Vs. Reality

PTP670 Connectorized Antenna with 34dBi Antenna Link.

Expectation vs. Reality..

Client was amazed and happy, "at first he thought it will not work"..

Requirement : 60 mbps UL / 60 mbps DL

The ExpectationThe Actual


This is great. Do you have a photo of the installation?


Here we go.. sorry picture was taken on the ground.. :p

Both PTP670 Connectorized equiped with RD 5G34 Antenna and RAD-RD3...


Thank you

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Hello KnowledgeDigger,

Great post thank you!

I'm just wondering about the Link Loss prediction where LINKPlanner predictes 136.13 dB and the radio is measuring mean of 151.1 dB. It would be good if you could take field diagnostics of this link and also send the LINKPlanner project file with the .ptpprj extension.  Field diagnostics can be obtained by typing ip_address/field_diags.cgi in the browser. For example

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Hi Peter, 

Thanks for your observation. For the field diagnostic file, i need to request those with the end user, currently they are satisfied with the performance of the link. 



I'm surprised you weren't able to achieve a better RSSI. I find I'm always within my LinkPlanner predications if I have correctly entered the data into LinkPlanner. Might be worth checking as a few dB here or there could help in the long run.