PTP670 Isolating Traffic

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Is it possible to use PTP670 PSU and AUX ports to carry two different isolated networks traffic?


I have forwarded this to our support and product team.

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We in khalda petroleum company@Egypt already tested it & it worked well over PTP650&PTP 670

You can 100 percent due what you are asking. Reference the user guide for the 670 or contact your local RTM.

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I have ticket about this problem: #189702, and conclusion are that from last Firmware this option are not possible ? Last firmware where this is possible are 2-50 (2-60, 2-70 not !!)

It is strange why this option are disabled with new firmware...

It appears that Customer Support have responded correctly.

We have a discussion on the Second Data Service (SDS) in PTP 670 here: PTP 670 Second Data Service 

Please look at the link above. It explains how PTP 670 has an embedded Ethernet switch from 670-02-60 onwards, and this provides a more flexible solution than releases up to 670-02-50. If you need the SDS, then the answer is to use the PTP 650 emulation firmware in 670-01-48.