PTP670 login problem

when I setup the PTP670 which can running some time ,but I can’t to go the login page now and can’t ping (Master & Slave) ,How to login it age?
When the tunnel is opened, cannot login the control plane

I’m sorry you are having problems accessing the web management pages of your PTP 670 units.

If you are trying to connect through a network, can you check that the network is correctly configured to reach the radios?

Is it possible that you have forgotten the IP addresses configured in the radios? If so, you will need to connect a management station directly and use the Recovery mode to reset the IP address.

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Thank you sir, I try go to the Recovery mode,when I change the Vlan to IEEE 802 .1Q and join to the client network. also can’t to go the login page.

client want to setting the PTP 670’s Vlan IEEE 802.1 and connect to their network.
I guess it’s caused by Vlan setting, but my client do not believe !

I’m not sure I understand the problem. PTP 670 provides a transparent Ethernet service for traffic forwarded across the link, where all frames are forwarded regardless of VLAN membership, and with Ethernet headers unmodified.

The embedded management agent has an IP address, and additionally can be configured to transmit and receive untagged frames, or frames with a single C-VLAN or S-VLAN tag, for use in networks where the network management is isolated in a management VLAN.

Could you provide more details of the problem?