PTP670 Master Cluster ODU - Disconnecting Issues


We have PTP links with PTPSync, mixture of PTP650 & 670 (2xPTP650, 2xPTP670). Link disconnection occurs only with the master cluster ODU and this has happen already for 3-times.

Any comment from the attached images.



I have forwarded this to the support and development team

This is going to be best addressed with our support team, but here is some additional information for others that may see this thread (or things to double-check in your deployment).

The PTP670 02-67 User Guide has information on multiple PTP-SYNC boxes starting on page 164 (pic attached).  You want to ensure that the first PTP-SYNC box is configured as the cluster master ODU.  The remainder of the TTD Sync settings should be configured using LINKPlanner recommended settings.  They may not be uniform TDD settings across all PTP-SYNC boxes.

Support will need the LINKPlanner file and the http://ipaddressofPTP670/field_diags.cgi output from the master ODU.

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