PTP670 Minimum Hardware vs Firmware Version


We have a PTP670 that we need to downgrade the software version on back to 670-02-00 so it is in line with the rest of our deployed network.

After downgrading the unit to 670-02-00, on the software licence page we now receive the following error message "The firmware version number does not meet the minimum required by the licence key. Please upgrade the firmware before using this licence key"

Is there a maximum hardware version that works with the firmware version 670-02-00, the hardware version we have is B0P03.01-I-FPS.

The latest licence key we have now have has the following extra field that didn’t previously appear in all of our other licence. “ZF2.60.0.0/ZM1.46.0.0



Your new unit contains a printed circuit board with Hardware Version 3.1. This hardware includes modified RF circuitry that complies with the latest FCC rules for the U-NII-3 (5.8 GHz) band. The new hardware is in ODUs with these "B" suffix part numbers:

- C050067B001B

- C050067B003B

- C050067B004B

- C050067B006B

- C050067B007B

- C050067B009B

- C050067B010B

- C050067B012B

Release 02-60 is the oldest release that supports this new hardware.

As you probably figured out, the License Key sets a minimum version of 02-60, and 01-46 for PTP 650 compatibility.

There's more on this here: What is the difference between A suffix and B suffix in 4.9 GHz to 6.05 GHz PTP 670?

If you are not using the 5.8 GHz band in your link, you might consider generating a new License Key with the 5.8 GHz band deselected; in this case, the minimum firmware is not needed and the associated field will be omitted from the License Key.

This approach allows you to downgrade a "B" suffix unit to 02-00.

If you want to use the "B" suffiX unit at 5.8 GHz then only 02-60 or later will work.

Does this help?


We are using 5.8Ghz, we have older PTP670 hardware (B0P01.01-I-FPS) running 50670-02-00

The new hardware has a different 5.8 GHz filter requiring firmware changes to support it, and these firmware changes are not in 02-00. I'm not sure what we can do in this case. If you have any good ideas, please let us know.