PTP670 sing SFP Multimode and Cisco Switches Compatibility

Hi all in the community.
I have a doubt about if the SFP in the PTP670 (multimode or monomode version) can be used to connect directly to the Cisco Switches SFP connector., and if I will have compatibility issues.
For example:

  1. I have a CN SFP multimode connected to a Cisco SFP multimode on a switch, Is this valid and no issues?

  2. I have a CN SFP multimode connected to a CN SFP multimode installed in a Cisco Switch. Is this valid and no issues?

  3. Both sides uses Cisco’s SFP (PTP670 and Cisco Switches using its). Is this valid and no issues?

  4. Do I need a license in the PTP670 to enable the SFP operation?

So, could the community help me with yours experience how to connect this topology to a Cisco Backbone Switches with out no issues, Do I have to buy specials SFP or inclusive the Cisco SFP are fine to do this?

My best regards and thank you to all.

I had that same question.
We are planning on decommissioning our Fujitsu fiber boxes to opt for a direct connection between our DellEMC switches…we attempted to connect the switches using the supplied long haul SFPs but we were unable to see connection at either side. We had to switch the connection back utilizing the Fujitsu 4500 Flashwave fiber device with the short SFP jumpers. I would like to ask how we can complete the direct connection between switches and how if there is pieces to this puzzle that are needed to complete this task…Thank you in advance…