PTP670 watchdog reset

We are indeed working on finding a solution to these problems. I think the post here actually highlights two distinct problems.

Mr. Ozrelic is showing us an unwanted restart triggered by the watchdog circuit. Watchdog Failure 27 on PTP 670 is the same as Watchdog Failure 26 on PTP 650. There are already some discussions of this in other topics. See PTP650 Watchdog Failure 26 .

We believe that this problem occurs under certain conditions when the ODU is managed using cnMaestro, after the ODU has been running for about 49 days and 17 hours. That's the range of a 32-bit count of milliseconds. I realize it's a lame workaround, but you might prefer to restart the ODU at the least inconvenient time before the 49 days 17 hours point is reached.

Mr. du Toit highlights the other problem. Here the ODU is not responding to management, but it has not restarted, and continues to pass traffic. See PTP670 master side management dead until reboot