PTP650 Watchdog Failure 26

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we have had today reboots in all our PTP650 units because a Watchdog Failure 26. Al our units have the latest 1.47 firmware version and are managed from CnMaestro. Do you know which is the reason of the reset?

This watchdog failure is quite likely related to the cnMaestro Device Agent in the PTP 650. We're investigating this as high priority and will report back when we have more information.


This evening I had 3 of our PTP650 links reboot on their own. When I went into the Syslog on each master unit, I found: Kernel Warning event; cold_start; PTP wireless bridge has reinitialized, reason=Watchdog Failure 26

Is there an update since March 2019 on this Watchdog Failure 26? If not, will disabling cnMaestro in my PTP650 links solve this problem? I can't have entire towers losing their links out of the blue, when they never had this problem before and were virtually bullit proof for years running firmware without cnMaestro, ie:50650-01-41.

Hi Mark,

any news about how to solve this issue without disabling CnMaestro?


Any updates on this? Our Public Safety network has now experienced it's 3rd major outage due to this, which seems to occur every 50 days and 7 hours.

Tech support's answer is to disable cnMaestro on the radios, which completely ignores the point of being able to use cnMaestro in the first place for monitoring the network (120 PTP devices), and they say the "Engineering are investigating...."
I see cnMaestro 2.3.0 has hit the cloud - is the issue fixed in this release? We are running on-premise, so is 2.3.0 imminent to release for on-premise too?

@mark thomas - any updates? Another 50 days have passed, and our entire network went down again while 40 of the units reset themselves. Back in June last year you said this was being investigated as a high priority....
So far all that's happened is I've been blown off by tech support saying the "work around" is to stop monitoring my network with cnMaestro.

Picture this:  911 dispatch center, CN Maestro watching 150 radios, PRTG watching all aspects of your network. 911 dispatch center is busy.  out of the blue random individual sites start dropping offline, quickly the entire network stops working.  911 dispatch center goes into panic mode, discuusions of fallbacks, bug out and just as a plan is made the system returns to normal!  Watchdog Failure 26.   How can any company release a Public Safety product without testing it throughly?

I'm very sorry that the customers who posted here have experienced a significant problem. We understand that any period of non-availability is a serious matter in a public safety network. It's particularly disappointing for us (and presumably for you) when the problem occurs more than once.

We fixed a problem with similar symptoms in an earlier release. Unfortunately, it now appears that this 50 day problem has a different underlying cause. We believe we understand why this problem occurs, and we've witnessed something similar in units in our own network. We aim to fix this in the next PTP 650 release.

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Any update on this? 

Tuesday night, I experienced my first batch of random reboots in one evening.  Had nio idea what the heck it was until I found this thread. 

Concerning to see that all my BH radios say they were onboarded 51 Days ago, and they all list uptimes of just over 1 Day :( 

Pretty obvious issue with the firmware needed for communication with CnMaestro is the culprit, so if this isn't resolved in 49 days, I will be downgrading all my firmware.  Prior to the upgrade, these radios definitely had uptimes well in excess of 50 Days.

So, back to my original question, any updates on when we can expect new firmware?

PTP650 Watchdog Failure 26 Update - After disabling cnMaestro on all of our PTP650 links we haven't had a single Watchdog Failure 26 in 177 days. We are running software version 50650-01-47. It's obvious that there is an issue when running cnMaestro on the PTP650 links. Hopefully Cambium will come up with a solution. Until then and others can confirm the problem has been resolved, I'll leave cnMaestro disabled on our PTP650s.

it is a known issue and will be fixed by rlease 02-72, target released in May.

We have released 650-01-49 with a fix for this issue. It can be downloaded here.