PTP670 will not support TDM !!

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Is that true ?  ..

I got that alarm while planning a PTP670 link with TDM traffic carried using latest LinkPlanner software version !

Any explanation here urgent .. Please !!

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From the PTP 670 02-65 Release Notes: (available here:

6.1 Introduction of Ethernet switching in the PTP topology
TDM service not supported
The TDM (E1/T1) service supported using the Network Indoor Unit (NIDU) in earlier releases is not supported in PTP 670-02-65. For networks that require TDM circuits, use System Release PTP 670-02-50.

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David points out that TDM is not supported in 670-02-60 and 670-02-65, so for a TDM network you will need to downgrade to 670-02-50. That's exactly what the alert in the LINKPlanner is highlighting.

However, the situation is a bit more complicated. The PTP 670 hardware design has recently been updated to comply with new FCC rules for the 5.8 GHz (U-NII-3) band. The later hardware is identified by a "B" as the final character of the Cambium Part Number. The modified hardware is supported in firmware from 670-01-46 and 670-02-60. As we have seen, 670-02-60 supports  the "B" suffix hardware, but not TDM. Release 670-02-50  supports TDM but cannot be istalled on "B" suffix hardware.

To use TDM with the latest "B" suffix hardware, you will need 670-01-46. This is essentially PTP 650 firmware compiled to execute on the PTP 670 hardware. Release 670-01-46 has exactly the same features as 650-01-46.

We expect to release 650-01-46 and 670-01-46 in the next week. I realise that this situation is a bit complicated. If I haven't made things clear, please come back with further questions.

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Thank you David and Mark.

So, I got the following, If I need to carry TDM traffic on my PTP670 link, I have to use firmwares PTP670-02-50 or earlier or the compiled PTP670-01-44 / 45 / 46  ..  right ?

That's correct, except that if your ODU has a Cambium Part Number ending in "B", your only option is 670-01-46. 670-01-46 will be released in the next few days.

Thanks Mark.

Good day Mark, I have a question regarding the latest version 670-01-47. Will it support the PTP 670 with TDM using the NIDU for both the hardware "A" and "B" versions, along with allowing the PTP 670 to link wiht the PTP 650 running the same version? The documentationappears to support this.

We are looking at adding new radios with the B version and have older A version already deployed. If this is correct, we can standardize on loading the 670-01-47 into all units.

Thank you for your help!

You're right. With 670-01-47, you can use TDM with the "A" and "B" suffix hardware, and also form links with PTP 650 that is running 650-01-47. You can even manage the system using cnMaestro.

Two significant things that you can't do using 01-47 are:

  • Build a High Capacity Multipoint (HCMP) Sector
  • Use the embedded Ethernet switch to connect more than one port in the Data Service
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Thank you Mark. So I am good to use 670-01-47 and 650-01-47.

With this version on the PTP 670, it will handle the T1 or E1 traffic exactly as the PTP 650? This should be the case since it is the 650 firmware tooled for the 670?

Sorry for all the questions, but I have to satisfy the users that it will all work properly when they do the firmware and add the new radios. I do not see any issue.

Yes, that's correct. The 670-01-XX firmware has the same performance and features as the equivalent 650-01-XX firmware. You can safely assume that the PTP 670 is interchangeable with PTP 650.

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