PTP800 - Yes I still have PTP800!

I still use Link planner 4.9.1 since I have many PTP600 links. But now one of my PTP800 links needs some work and I realize that Link planner no longer supports PTP800, even 4.9.1. Can you restore PTP800 to 4.9.1? I still have a 30 path PTP800 system to maintain.


PTP 800 (and PTP 810) are still there in the current release (5.6.7), but they won’t be ported to the online version.

Nothing has been removed from 4.9.1 so you can still use PTP 800 in that version:


We won’t be making changes in the 4.9.1 version of the code since the 32-bit version is now obsolete.



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