Anybodyknow much about the PTP 800

Is it another product Rebadged or is it all new.
Noticed a Coax looking connector on the IDU.
Pricing point will be interesting!
My link planner is not telling me there is an apdate avilable yet.

It talks about base of 10MBS I imagine they will charge a bit for the upgrades :frowning:

motorola has plainly stated that they want to be competitive with this product
bring in your best bids from dragonwave and trango and see what your moto reps can do. they will match or beat. this is a new strategy for moto.

We will see what happens…

Only last week we gave our supplier a chance to Provide a competative price againts the Trango Apex 18 on a 2 link solution.

The PTP 600 was 30% more expensive and without the protection of the licenced band. So guess what we went in with.

The PTP 400, 300 and 500 have a place and we have used many very succesfully, we have yet to sell a PTP 600 because we have always found a more compelling solution in that pricing bracket.

Would you be interested to sell your PTPs?

Or a trade?

We received the PTP 800 Link last month.

The ODU looks like another license radio we have.

The IDU / Modem is something else. It’s very small and get’s very, very hot +70C.

It’s fast simple and solid.

The ODU is an OEM thing some other brands use it.
The IDU has been devolved by Moto possibly in the UK

With the IDU temp issue ridnet mentions I might leave them some time to sort it out! On the path calculator I seem to be having issues getting 5 nines links where I can them with other products with smaller antennas / higher frequencies etc.

Seems like they are doing the same thing as the other vendors but maybe too late time will tell. I guess it completes the product offering…

It would be nice to see something new something cost effective the size of a PTP 300 – 600 that we all like but operates in the licensed band even if we couldn’t get high speeds due to antenna gains and higher frequency ranges etc but a robust, compact and cost effective alternative.

I kwnow what you are looking for, maybe the same ptp300-600 but with the full 5Ghz frec range in the same hardware…