PTP820 1+1 SD planing


how can I plan for PTP820 1+1 SD link using link planner, where can i find the antenna hight and configuration for both the main and space antenna.

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S, G, and C

PTP 820S does not support space diversity.

For PTP 820G, select Link Type 1+1 HSB Radio Protection or 2x 1+0 Unit Redundancy.

Then select the Primary to Primary Link. Under Antenna Configuration, select Spatial Diversity.

The Primary is the Main antenna—that’s where you enter the Main antenna heights. The Secondary is the Redundant antenna—that’s where you enter the Redundant antenna heights.

Note that when spatial diversity is selected, the Diversity Spacing is displayed.

For PTP 820C, select Link Type 2+0 (or 2+2) Spatial Diversity. (LINKPlanner does not support PTP 820C 1+0 or 1+1 space diversity.)

Select Link A and then enter the antenna heights under Main and Diverse. Note that the Diversity Spacing is displayed.

Notice that space diversity for the G is based off 1+1, and space diversity for the C is based off 4x4 MIMO. (LINKPlanner doesn’t support PTP 820C 1+0 or 1+1 SD which is based off 2x2 MIMO.)

In general, a PTP 820G 1+1 link is “simpler” than a PTP 820C 4x4 MIMO link. You may find a PTP 820G 1+1 link easier to configure, install, and maintain that a PTP 820C 4x4 MIMO link.


Be sure to enable spatial diversity at both ends of a licensed link.

For space diversity links, diversity spacing should be roughly 200 wavelengths. In the United States, this is roughly 30 feet for 6 GHz links, and 20 feet for 11 GHz links.

For links over water that also require space diversity (due to ducting, for example), be sure to use diversity spacings from the reflection mitigation calculator that are greater than 200 wavelengths.

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I did it, but still i am getting 2 Antennas in my BOM. in SD link, i believe it should be with 4 antennas?

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Please send your LINKPlanner file to, and we’ll have a look.


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Very appreciate what is going on in here..... thank you very much!