PTP820 Alignment tool

On the 8.7 firmware there were a mobile interface from the mobile phone to align the unit.

now with the latest version is disappeared.

how can I align the unit?

Congratulation Cambium. Now I have a squad of installer with 2xPTP820 with latest firmware that are UNABLE to align it because the mobile interface no longer has the tool.

We are investigating to see what happened!


Open the http webpage of the PTP820 with a mobile phone (chrome) and you see the alignment tool.

with the desktop chrome from a pc you cant see the alignment tool.

Thank you for the additional information.

We'll get back to you shortly!


That alignment tool was FANTASTIC!

you should render it available even on the standard webpage from a desktop PC.

with Google Chrome on a mobile device (ex. Android cellphone) you can find it VERY USEFUL.

with a PC I can't have the same tool

no news?

The antenna alignment was not officially introduced in 8.7. (it was in “beta” phase and therefore it was not documented and it was not meant to be used by customers).

In 9.0, we removed all “beta” phase features but we have plan to add them to one of the next official release.



well on your forum you write that the voltmeter connected with the bnc connector is not accurate

so what do we have as a tool to monitor the right signal level?

I now have to downgrade all the links to get again the alignment tool.

why dont you release now the 9.0.1 with the align tool?


Which mobile app are you referring to?  I am interested in seeing the alignment functions from a mobile phone for the PTP 820 on 8.7 firmware.  Thanks!

Why you didnt'read at all the thread?

I have seen that in the latest 9.7 release there is no GUI alignment tool again.

The alignment tool is not a commited feature in Rel 9.7. 

DEV still evaluate it and will be available in future.



Hey guys, we just got 3 links coming, please provide a recommended alignment process?

Maybe I’m missing something in this thread, but for me, using the voltmeter on the radio is the best way to align PTP820 and 850 links today. I don’t climb any more, but I’ve talked many tower climbers through this process and arrived at exactly the receive RSSI that the planning software predicted.

The process:

  1. Select the lowest bandwidth script on both ends of the link. Select lowest MCS.
  2. Set TX power to maximum. Make sure ATPC is disabled.
  3. Optically align the antennas.
  4. Use a voltmeter in the alignment port (with BNC adaper is easiest), and slowly walk the antenna through the main lobe, and the side lobes to be sure you are on the main lobe.
  5. After alignment, set the script and options that you want.

The voltmeter responds immediately to any movement of your antenna, and you can read RSSI right off the readiong.