PTP820 All indoor 1+1 HSB with SD Configuration

To all,

There are two configuraitons supported by PTP820 in a 1+1 HSB with SD configurations.

  1. 1+1 HSB with standard transmitter
  2. 1+1 HSB with split transmitter

These two configurations are slightly diffrent, and i like to add to provide more details here.

  • 1+1 HSB with Standard Transmitter

It supports:

- 1+1 HSB with Spatial Diversity

- Both radio will transmit on main antenna.

- The diversify dish only receive, so it can be a Cat-B dish follow FCC rules. In many cases, this antena can be smaller than main dish.

  • 1+1 HSB with Split Transmitter

It supports:

- 1+1 HSB with Spatial Diversity

- this configuration provide full redundancy on antenna, as each radio has its own dish for Transmit and Receive.

-  Both dish normally are  category A dish with same size.

- SInce  each radio path go with a 1+0 Branching, it will provide extra 2.4 dB on system gain compare to "1+1 HSB with SD with Standard Transmiter" configuration.

Both configurations have its own pros and cons, customer can choose either configuration based on their need.


Standard Transmitter – Both transmitters are coupled to the main antenna with the main receiver, while the diversity receiver is connected to the diversity antenna.

Split Transmitter – The main transmitter and the receiver are connected to the main antenna, and the diversity transmitter and receiver are connected to the diversity antenna. This option provides a ~2.4 dB improvement in system gain compared to the Standard Transmitter option.