PTP820 Entitlement Activation

This forum post outlines the procedure for activating a PTP820 entitlement key and assigning the licenses to individual radios using the Cambium Networks support portal.  Once the license(s) have been generated on the support portal, this forum post explains how to input the license key into the radio.  Also, there may be some additional configuration needed on the radio in order to fully comply with the license keys purchased.  Most common is the number of GbE ports enabled (operator should administratively disable any ETH ports not being used for data traffic, via the Interface Manager section of the GUI. 

Note: disabling the ETH1/POE interface will not stop the radio from receiving power over ethernet (it will only disable traffic over the port).  For example, if the radio is being powered by POE (ETH1/POE), but using Fiber (ETH2 or ETH3) for data, NO additional GbE port licenses are needed - only the ETH1/POE port needs to be disabled in the interface manager screen.  The additional GbE port license is only needed if using more than 1 port to pass traffic (i.e. LAG).

Entitlement Activation Process:

- After purchase, an email is generated to distributor/partner/end-user that contains the entitlement key information

- Login to the support portal at and select the option for Licensing

- Select Activate Entitlement and copy/paste the Entitlement ID into the field.  Click 'Check'

- I would recommend clicking 'Save' to save this Entitlement ID into the 'Saved Entitlements' section for easy reference later.

- Assign the license key(s) to the respective radio serial numbers.  Note: multiple license keys AND quantities can be applied in a single assignment. License keys can also be applied one at a time without issue (more time consuming).

     - First, place a checkbox in the licenses that you want to assign to a single serial number.  For example, with a PTP820C, you may select the dual core activation license, MC-ABC license, XPIC license, and capacity key license to apply all the licenses to a single serial number at once.  Click 'Assign'.

     - Second (on the next screen), update the quantities to reflect what is needed on the device and enter in the serial number of the unit that the licenses will be applied to.  Click 'Assign' (button may say other verbage)

          - Common keys and quantities (to be used as a guide - see the Technical Description or reach out to your Cambium representative with questions)

               - Capacity keys: 1 per radio core (i.e. quantity 2 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup, quantitiy 1 for a PTP820S)

               - Header de-duplication key: 1 per radio core (i.e. quantity 2 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup, quantitiy 1 for a PTP820S)

               - AES encryption key: 1 per radio core (i.e. quantity 2 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup, quantitiy 1 for a PTP820S)

               - MC-ABC keys: 1 per radio core (i.e. quantity 2 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup)

               - XPIC keys: 1 per radio core (i.e. quantity 2 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup)

               - 2nd core activation: 1 per ODU (PTP820) (i.e. quantity 1 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup)

               - 1/2.5 GbE keys: 1 per ODU (PTP820) (i.e. quantity 1 for a PTP820C 2+0 setup using two data inputs)

- License request will be generated in the system. 

     - It may take up to 72 hours to generate the license key.  Check back to this page after 24 hours.

     - The demo admin license can be used to provide full radio functionality for 60 days of uptime (or at any time to evaluate any functionality not included in the purchased keys [e.g. header de-duplication]).  Demo license time will not count down when the unit is not powered on.

     - Only one license will be entered into the PTP820 (most current license assignment request).  If multiple license keys were assigned to the radio during this process there will be a message showing that the key has been 'superseded'.  The last key generated for that serial number will include any previous license key assignments.

If the wrong quantities and/or serial numbers were assigned, a support case is needed in order to apply the correct information to the appropriate device.

If the device requires an RMA, the existing license keys can be transferred to the new unit (via support case).

If purchasing spare units, it is recommended to also purchase license keys for the spare(s).


Why does it take up to 72 hours to generate these keys?  Does someone have to physically phone Ceragon and read the entitlement and serial number to their support people to get the key back?  Can't this be automated like other Cambium licensing?

It's a manual key cut. If keys are needed on a more expidited timeframe coordinate with your local RTM. Most customers will use the demo mode until the keys are generated and once the keys are uploaded you can disable the demo mode.

Hi, is it possible to rehost license keys, for instance one of our PTP 820S failed and we want to replace it with a spare unit can we transfer the license key from the failed unit to the spare one?

Yeah, you should be able to transfer the keys with the help of Cambium support.

DO we expect a restart/ outage with licence activation? Cheers!

No. It does not require a reboot or cause outage