ptp820 POE injector all outdoor mechanical dimensions or datasheet (N000082L022A)


I need POE Injector datasheet (part list N000082L022A).

Where I found it?

The PoE spec is included in PTP 820 radio specifcation

thx Allenyu,

but mechanical dimensions aren't in ptp820 specs.

I need these characteristics because my customer needs to install it into a small atex box.

can you help me?

here is the dimension info: 7.5" x 5" x 2.5"

What about operating temperature ?

I am about to deploy PTP-820S, PTP-550, ePMP-2000, and Force 180 products in a desert environment.
I am very concerned about the potential for failure.

It is nice that each device includes a PoE Adapter - however I am unable to find
operating environment specs on these anywhere...

Why does Cambium not care, to share such information?

Hello, there are 3 main documents per product type (e.g. PTP820S, PTP820C, PTP820G): Technical Description, User Guide and Installation Guide.  Much of the information you need will be contained in those documents (mostly the technical description).  These are available on the main support site: 

For your specific question, look at the PTP820C technical description, starting on page 270 (pics below).

can this unit also take the place of a lightning protector?

is there an alternative for PoE injector for an PTP820S.