PTP820 RMON Statistics

I have a question regardng the RMON statistics, specifically the "TX/RX length error frame count". We are seeing this counter increase across both the radio and sfp interface, but the counters for jabber, fragment, undersize, oversize and fcs errors, are 0. What specifically is this value tracking?

We are investigating some potential packet loss  or service interruption that may or may not be related to a fiber repair on this particular radio ring around the time that the customer is reporting the beginning of issues .

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Hi Eric,

Could you please share the screenshot of the RMON statistics with us so that we can check?


Sanjay Kumar.


I am seeing the same thing on a new link we installed. We would like an explanation of what these error fields refer to, if possible.

820S, 11 GHz, 1+0, Software 8.5.5

This counter is not representing any sufficient information, we will remove it in one of our future releases.

I hope this helps!


  Hello there, I'm resurrecting this post because we're troubleshooting a PTP820 link and are seeing "TX length error frame" counters incrementing. It looks like this counter was never removed as mentioned above. Is this counter something we should be worrying about? Thanks!


I have a technical battle going on that the Motorola Reseller wants to blame on anything other than the VESTA (E911 VoIP) software solution they installed. Can you confirm the Tx/Rx Length Error Frame count indicator does not point to drop packets.


Tom Blumenshine

Hi Tom,

You are correct, the Tx and Rx length error frame counts, do not indicate dropped packets. This statistic will be removed in a future release. For now, it’s safe to ignore it.


Just bring this topic back around, as it’s a quite a bit later… and still seen in 11.5 firmware.